Drug Rehab Programs in Key West for the GLBT Community

Drug Rehab Programs in Key West for the GLBT CommunityFor many years, the GLBT community has fallen through the cracks as far as addiction treatment or drug rehab programs go in Key West, Florida. Not only is there a higher incidence of drug abuse and alcohol abuse among the GLBT population, but the relapse rate is higher than it needs to be. Many in the drug rehab arena believe it is because of the lack of lesbian, bisexual and gay drug rehab programs in Key West. It is imperative that drug rehab programs develop addiction treatment models that maintain a high level of sensitivity toward the unique needs of special populations, including those of gay, lesbian, and transgender clients.GLBT Addiction Treatment Programs- There are several ways this can be accomplished. A drug rehab program can become a gay drug rehab program and treat only GLBT patients, which can be effective but does not really resemble the real world. Another approach is the development of a gay friendly drug rehab or gay friendly alcohol rehab program, which has as a minimum, a GLBT component with an addiction treatment staff capable of addressing the issues related to the GLBT population in Key West Promoting Risk Reduction While “coming out”, internalized homophobia are important issues to address in a gay friendly drug addiction treatment center in Key West, there needs to be continuing education as it relates to high risk behavior. While in drug rehab or alcohol rehab in Key West, education relating to safe sex practices, syringe sharing, screening and advocacy groups are extremely important.Developing skills and promoting risk reduction are important in the alcohol and drug rehab program, as is ensuring treatment for any physical and mental health problems (such as tuberculosis; hepatitis A, B, and C; sexually transmitted diseases other than HIV/AIDS; dental problems; diabetes; poor nutrition; and depression). For clients with HIV/AIDs, the behavioral and alcohol and drug rehab program should work closely with local specialty organizations such as HIV support agencies, in addition to the individual’s primary care physician to promote risk reduction.To locate a gay friendly drug rehab or a gay friendly alcohol rehab, you can either click on one of the links or call the national addiction treatment helpline at 1-800-99-DETOX to locate a gay drug rehab or gay friendly drug rehab near Key West. For additional information on drug addiction, go to, www.recoveryconnection.org.

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